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Visit the official website to download the latest version https: Unfortunately, CCleaner has become the victim of cybercriminals, who were able to compromise the bit Windows version of CCleaner v5.

The best program to clean and speed up your Mac

A trojan, which led to over 2. A is a malicious program that is unable to spread of its own accord. More specifically, the trojan is capable of installing a backdoor on infected computers and allowing the attackers to deliver a second-stage payload. More than 40 technology companies, including Samsung, Intel, and VMWare, have received a second-stage payload after getting infected with the Trojan: A trojan through the compromised version of CCleaner for Windows.

The developers of CCleaner patched the security flaw in CCleaner 5. The good news is that CCleaner for Mac has never been compromised. Still, even Mac users should always use the latest version of CCleaner and never download it from any other source besides the official website. The majority of reviewers praise its price, easy-to-use user interface, and the ability to recover several gigabytes of disk space with a simple click.

7 CCleaner Alternatives Worth Considering (Free + Paid)

Alternatives to CCleaner for Mac do exist, and some of them are actually quite compelling. BleachBit is the perfect CCleaner alternative for supporters of open source software. This free and open source disk cleaner application can free cache, delete cookies, clear Internet history, shred temporary files, delete logs, discard junk, and wipe clean thousands of applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and many others.

BleachBit is developed chiefly for Windows and Linux, but the application also runs on macOS in command line mode thanks to code contributed by brahmastra and MattHardcastle. The developers of BleachBit hope to bring the full BleachBit experience to all Mac users soon, but nobody knows exactly when that might be. Until then, running BleachBit in command line mode is the only way how to run the application on macOS. You can use this multifunctional utility for macOS to verify the startup disk and the structure of its system files to keep your Mac running as good as new.

What Is MacPaw CleanMyPC?

Onyx is free, available in multiple languages, and supported by donations. We recommend this lesser known Mac cleaner as a follow up to either BleachBit or CCleaner for Mac to really dial in your system. Titanium Software, the developers of Onyx, have also released Maintenance, a system maintenance and cleaning utility for macOS which you can use to run miscellaneous tasks of system maintenance, and Deeper, a personalization utility for macOS. Cocktail is described as a general-purpose utility for macOS that handles Mac cleanup, repair, and optimization.

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Yes, it is. CleanMyPC should be pretty safe for you to use, too. I would like to see the inclusion of an alert to backup your registry before running the registry cleaner, however.

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Both programs also include a registry cleaner again, compared further down the page , a browser plugin manager, autorun program organizer, and an uninstaller tool. For the most part, the tools on offer from each are very similar — they function in a very similar way and produce comparable results. Take a look through my results in the rest of the review and decide for yourself which of these tools is right for you. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, having not done a scan for a few weeks, CleanMyPC found just over 1GB more unneeded files to delete than CCleaner did — around 2.

As a nice added touch, you can also set a size limit on your recycle bin through CleanMyPC, flagging it to automatically empty if it gets too full. The scan and clean were quick too, both on SSDs and older HDDs, and the checkbox list of discovered items gives you some control over what files you delete. Again, the scan was simple to run and quick to complete.

It could, though, help to keep everything organized and structured on your disk and avoid any registry issues in the future. Hibernation files are used by Windows as part of an ultra-low power state called, you guessed it, hibernation. Desktop users will usually never make use of this function, but Windows creates and stores hibernation files all the same, potentially taking up a large chunk of disk space.

In my case, Windows was apparently using a little more than 3GB for hibernation, and CleanMyPC offers a quick way to both delete the files and switch off the hibernation function entirely.

Top 20 alternatives to CleanMyMac for Windows

With the click of a button, any extension can be uninstalled in seconds. It could also be handy if your browser or an extension is either corrupted or infected with malware. Often malicious or corrupted extensions and add-ons will prevent the browser from being opened or remove your ability to uninstall the offending item, and CleanMyPC might be a good way to work around that. Quite often multiple programs can be added to the startup list without users realizing it, which adds seconds of boot-up time with no real benefit to the user.

CleanMyPC Review

Managing which programs run when you start Windows is a fairly simple process without making use of any additional software. The one thing I would like to see included in future versions is a way to add to your list of startup programs. Again, it is something which can be done manually outside of CleanMyPC, but it would be a nice touch to be able to both add and remove programs in one place. The privacy tab allows you to manage what information is stored in each of your installed browsers, with the option to individually clear caches, saved history, sessions, and cookie information from each one.

There are other tools out there which do the same job.

Both they and the Shredder facility do a good job of granting you some peace of mind when handling sensitive information or disposing of an old HDD. CleanMyPC works well. It quickly identified a lot of files taking up space on both of the PCs I tested it on. It found more than registry issues to fix, and made quick work of uninstalling programs and managing the extensions and autorun settings that I asked it to.

Even though the program comes with a limited trial, it is clearly intended more as a brief demo than a free stripped-back version of the full program. Within the few short minutes I had downloaded and installed the program, my PC had been scanned and I was already reclaiming space from unwanted files.