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  2. Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition by Lesa Snider
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The latest update includes a bit Windows version, an enhanced UI, bit image support and finally an installer. A simple image editor, which also runs the AutoInterlace plugin, is included, so you do not even need to have an image application installed, which supports Photoshop plugins. Autochromatic colorizes an image with two user-definable colors and Softener adds soft, glossy effects to your images.

It extracts colors and patterns from any digital image to create a color coordinated plaid pattern. The Plaid Lite demo version is fully functional, but displays several nag screens. Most of the effects are rather simple, but useful. With the help of an eraser tool you can also remove the effect from certain image areas. Freepack 1 is a set of seven metal textures and effects. Freepack 2 contains seven photo effects, e. Freepack 3 offers seven frame effects, e.

The effects are fully adjustable and support seamless tiling. Freepack 5 is called "Hearts" and contains seven filters that create Valentine's Day themed textures and effects. Freepack 6 called "Patterns" consists of nine filters that generate patterns and backgrounds, e. Cybia's Works Plugins The old Windows plugins of each Works series have been combined to a single plugin, which lets you select the individual filters from a drop-down menu.

The language is GPU-accelerated, so the filters run very fast. A dozen effects are already delivered. Pixel Bender appears like a new and greatly enhanced version of Adobe Filter Factory, but the filters are stored as text files and there is no possibility to create plugins as with FilterFactory.

For more PixelBender filters see here. Flaming Pear Freebies The Circle to Square plugin transforms circular objects in an image into squares. The Zombie plugin gives your images a touch of horror. It works best with portraits that show eyes and teeth. Most plugins apply the effect without showing a dialog except a few plugins. Artizen Dreamy - Not Available Anymore It is available as a bit as well as bit version.

Also have a look at the Artizen HDR trial version from the same company, which works without restrictions for 8-bit images. So be careful when using it. It may work in earlier versions of Photoshop or other compatible applications without a crash, but we cannot confirm it. It removes moire artifacts from images.

To get the plugin you need to download e. Capture One PRO 3. If you use another application, you need to change the destination folder. It is not possible to change the font and its size. Xero Plugins - Not Available Anymore The effect range varies from color effects, art effects, grain effects to noise removal and image enhancement.

It is a bit hard to get used to the pink dialog of these plugins, but otherwise they look quite useful. There are also five extra plugins for star, paint, snowflake, sparkle and tinted monochrome effects. Cartoon Bubble It is also planned to make it available for Aperture. Flatten offers a special trapping method that is used in the production of comics.

MultiFill automatically fills white areas in a black-and-white image with colors.


Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition by Lesa Snider

A tutorial on how to use both plugins resides on the page. ImageSkill Displacement Map A set of displacement maps is supplied with the plugin. Smart Refinement Filter - Currently Down It is a beta version that is free for non-commercial use. The Optorsion plugin creates optical distortion including chromatic aberration. The Vintage Screen plugin simulates the look of an old TV-set or black and white cathode ray video monitor. There are two other plugins mentioned on the web site, but not available for download.

Photoshop Fun 3 - Currently Down You need an Adobe ID, which can be requested for free, to download them. Stereogram Lab Filter These autostereograms consist of a repeating pattern and only show their hidden content if you focus your eyes behind the image plane. Mezzoforce Plugins - Plugins Are Expired Mezooforce offers a few Lite versions of its commercials plugins which are limited to processing only images up to x pixel in size. In order to download them, you need to subscribe to a discussion group.

The Ice 2. Version 1. The Snow plugin produces snow effects and has no size limitations. Martin Koch Plugins The Line plugin applies a 1-bit black and white horizontal or vertical line screen, Random Dither randomly dithers an image to 1-bit black and white line art and the Dither plugin uses a special dither effect that looks better than standard dithering algorithms.

The plugins only work on 8bit images. It also offers brightness and contrast sliders. The AmphiSoft Filters contains both free and shareware Photoshop-compatible plugins. Included are free light versions of "Convolution shaman" and "Sorting shaman" basic functions like blur, sharpen, edge detection and sharpening and despeckle with many extra options for image enhancement which can be upgraded to full versions by registering.

The shareware plugins of this package are called "Metalwork II" metallic effects , "ArtiFactor" and "Kinetics lab" for creating organic textures by simulating chemical reactions. To get access to them you need to contact the author, whose English is probably not the best. Little Ink Pot Free Plugins Xpose is a simple exposure adjustment plugin. Thredgeholder provides an edge detection algorithm that turns photos into line drawings.

Chalkaholic Lite is a pluginfor drawing-style effects. There is also a Pro Version which offer more possibilities. Econym Plugins - Currently Not Available Effects include page curls, page rolls, color posterization, color tinting and some other effects. There is also a contrast masking plugin, which renders very slowly, and two plugins for correcting the brightness and contrast of 16bit images. The plugin dialogs are a bit small and maybe a bit too colorful. Nevertheless you may find the one or other useful plugin among them. Ulead Free Plugins Ulead started offering their commercial Art Texture plugin for free some time ago.

Now they also offer Particle.

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition by Lesa Snider

Plugin and the FantasyWarp plugin for Windows for free, too. Plugin creates eight natural particle effects, e. FantasyWarp takes any image or selection and warps, distorts and twists it into surreal patterns. Don't miss these plugins! After you installed it switch to the Fireworks folder and open the Plug-ins sub folder. Now copy the Splat 8bf and dll files, the EyeCandy 8bf file and the two sub folders to your default plugin folder. Open the image application you usually use to apply plugins and there they are! Almathera Plugins - Currently Down mways. Unfortunately Almathera was closed down in the same year.

Currently these plugins remain copyright but can be distributed freely in a non-commercial manner.

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This means that they can be used for commercial design work, but it is not allowed to sell the software itself. The Almathera plugins produce shape, bevel, halo, drop shadow, grayscale, warp, lightning and puddle effects. Although the interface is outdated and displays wrongly with "Large Fonts", you will certainly find one or two interesting effects in this package. Filter Meister Beside the filter development plugin itself there are some interesting Photoshop-compatible plugins included that were created with Filter Meister.

There is also a large library of source codes which can even be used with the unregistered version of Filter Meister and applied to the image. Among the code are e.

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Filter Meister is free to use, but if you want to compile your own plugins, you have to register it. DragonFly's Plugins "Sinedot Shader" creates shaded 3D sinus curves, "Shear" does a simple shear effect which means that you can specify a line along which the image is than shifted and "Retrodots" places holes in a symmetrical pattern on an image. The new "Sinedots II" now includes enhanced antialias, color support, blend modes, more parameters for enhanced control, 16bit support and enhanced compatibility. Two import plugins for. The "Harmonix" plugin creates wave lines known from sound editing tools.

With the "Camouflage" plugin you can generate all kinds of army-style and animal camouflage patterns. The Yellownail Collection consists of 32 Photoshop plugins with the names: These plugins were created by a Japanese programmer and offer some interesting effects you shouldn't miss. Some of them apply directly to the image while other have a Japanese dialog. Unfortunately getting these plugins can be a bit time consuming and exhausting, because you have to download them individually and make your way from the main web page to a description page and from there to the download page.

You have to do that for each of the 32 plugins and everything is in Japanese language. Pobelly's Plugins - Currently Down contain four free Photoshop-compatible plugins that still look a bit experimental. The "Eliminate Whatever" plugin will change opacity based on color or brightness. Finally, "Throbber Thinger" is though to make those little animations in the corner of browser windows, therefore doing some basic rotate, copy and fade operations to individual frames of an animation.

It is based on Perlin's noise functions and uses the background and foreground colors to make the clouds palette. Mura's Filters Pole Transform transforms an image to polar coordinates or rectangular coordinates. You might know this effect from Photoshop. Cloud produces a seamless cloud effect, Copies blends multiple copies of an image and Seamless makes an image seamless by wrapping the edges around.

You can use it to create nice text effects or beveled and textured shapes. It offers 16 presets and a slider for adjusting the bevel height. Unfortunatelly you can't use other than the 16 textures. You need to register it for free before you can apply the effects. AlienSkin Xenofex 1. Fantastic Machines Tile Tools You can get 7 of these 21 plugins for creating tileable images and textures for free.

Filter Formula Example Filters The Exposure plugin simulates photographic exposure and lets you change the contrast. The Fix Focus filter is for rescuing oversharpened images by smoothing the edges. The Auto White Balance plugin tries to color correct an image without any user input. Finally, the Equalize Light plugin features a band light equalizer, so 10 different brightness areas can be adjusted. The ColorWizard plugin offers various color and brightness correction options whereas the dozen of other plugins do not have a dialog and automatically apply various image adjustment effects.

The plugins are available as bit and bit version and have to be installed manually. Unfortunately there is no English version of his web site. It also includes the Perfect Layers 2 module for creating and editing multi-layered files from Lightroom or Aperture. The Process FX plugin simulate traditional film cross-processing techniques and produces skewed color effects. The Fog plugin creates fog effects similar to a graduated fog lens filter. Finally, the Beautifier plugin adds soft focus effects, which are nice for portrait photos.

Medical Package Plugin That is why it only works with grayscale images. So to use it, you either need to convert your image to grayscale or only select one image channel before applying it. Easyfilter Plugins The Image Adjustment plugin contains sliders for hue, saturation, lightness and contrast, and works in 8 and 16 bit RGB mode. The Color Converter plugin is quite similar, but also offers 17 different RGB working spaces for input and output. It lets you change the image colors in the shadow, midtones and highlights regions separately. The Fill Frame plugin fills a uniform colored area around the image with image data.

Photoshop CS6 and TWAIN

It can copy, mirror, stretch or add a stripe in order to fill the frame. The Sharpen plugin lets you apply Unsharp mask and displacement sharpening. The Local Contrast plugin lets ou increase the contrast in small image details as well as blur them away without removing the edges. Additionally there are four plugins that use a Gaussian blur algorithm for various effects, e. To download these plugins you need to click on the links which contain ". One is for denoising images and three others are for reducing the number of colors.

Denoiser offers various noise reduction algorithms, but is a bit inconvenient to use. The Quantizer and ColorDither plugins provide various methods for color reduction with the help of various quantization and dithering methods. The GrayDither plugin does the same for grayscaled images.

Installing Photoshop plugin on Mac | Zeplin Help Center

Vivida is meant for adding impact to underexposed and dull photos by boosting the brightness, contrast and saturation in individual color channels. SkyGrad is for tinting the sky area of photos. It overlays an increasingly transparent, colored gradient from top to bottom. The FastFix plugin corrects with the help of the brightness, contrast, saturation, and three color parameters. It is also capable of opening and saving presets Vicanek Plugins Mr.

Vicanek offers several free plugins. The Color Cube plugin provides a 3D visualization of all colors in an image, which can e. You can spin the color cube and view it from any angle you want. The PanoWarp plugin performs transformations that are necessary for stitching panorama images. The Perspective plugin lets you pan, tilt, rotate, reposition and resize an image. The Pinocchio plugin is meant as a fun tool for distorting images and the Vignette Corrector removes or applies vignetting effects.

The Contrast Mask plugin enhances images with too much contrast and also suppresses halos. The Sliding Tile Puzzle plugin lets you play this well known game. Unfortunately you can not apply the effect to the image. It claims to be more flexible as it lets you select source and target colors independently. It also lets you colorize gray areas, which can be used e. Hue Restorer tries to fix hue shifts in overexposed images and Wire Worm removes wires and other unwanted objects from images.

Nevertheless the old plugins are still available for download. The 8bf plugins are now also compatible with Vista. It is also possible to blend the current image or a modified version of it with itself. AAA Buzzer simplifies images while retaining sharp edges.

It works slower at a higher ratio and also removes more details. AAA Framer adds a variety of frames to images. You can adjust the width, contour, brightness and frame color. The "Refocus DC" plugin repairs blurred unfocused images. It works only for slightly blurred images and offers a deblurring radius of up to 10 pixels.

All plugins only have few options, so it is hard to properly adjust their effects. It offers 11sliders for adjusting the effect. The Light version of the Boundary Noise Reduction plugin removed noise in digital photos. There is also a commercial version of it available. It features a one-click correction of color fringing and batch processing. It also offers many presets which can be fine tuned for your requirements. It offers presets, a split-screen preview and a batch processing option. As its name suggests it is meant for red-eye reduction.

It asks you to create a selection around the eye before you run the plugin and offers two sliders to adjust the correction. Pog's Plugins - Currently Not Available The "Warping" plugin lets you change the perspective of photos. It maps the image area that is enclosed by 4 definable control points to the whole image. FoksMarx recolorLE It can be used for color equalization, color enhancement, removal of color stains and bleaches and also for artistic color effects.

Rudolf's Black and White Works The conversion is done with the help of a hue and saturation slider. There is also an option for toning the images and a preset feature Wire Pilot Magic Enhancer Lite is a plugin for brightening shadows, darkening shadows and adjusting local contrast as well as the color temperature. There is also a commercial Pro version with a few more features. The Outliner plugin turns your image into a line drawing. It supports RGB and Grayscale images with 8 and 16 bit color depth, displays a histogram and an Auto correction button.

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True-Pro-Converter - Not available anymore It is commercial, but the demo version lets you apply its effects to 8 bit images. The two can also be a capable but less efficient replacement to the patch tool in Photoshop. Something I find really frustrating in GIMP is that by default, layers don't snap to the edge of the canvas or the grid when I move them.

Even worse, you have to enable it every single time you open an image. Fortunately, as open source software is so customizable, this can easily be changed. Something I never got used to in GIMP is the yellow and black dotted line that surrounds the active layer. Though it can be helpful at times, I definitely prefer to have it disabled by default.

You can always temporarily turn it back on by clicking on View in the main menu and choosing Show Layer Boundary. With this option set, it behaves a bit more like Inkscape or Illustrator because you can also move things that are not on the current layer like the background. If you are a long time Photoshop user, this is very strange. To install it, just download the Resynthesizer and Heal Selection plugins and drag the necessary files to If you're using Linux, you can also install these and many other useful plugins via Thorsten Stettin 's PPA by running:.

If you are running Ubuntu, or any of its derivatives like Linux Mint or elementary OS, you can get them directly from the repositories. Just search for "icc color profiles" in your package manager. For the photographers shooting in the Abode RGB color space which has a wider color gamut than sRGB , you can download the color profiles from Adobe's website.

This package also includes CMYK color profiles. Once you have the color profiles on your disk, you need to let GIMP know where they are. Of course, your monitor has already been color calibrated , right? Nobody would be silly enough to try and color balance a photo without first calibrating their monitor However, there are a couple of limitations. The Arch Linux wiki has a great write-up about the limitations as well as how to soft-proof an image. If you're running Linux and installed the "gimp-plugin-registry" package from the PPA I mentioned previously, you already have it.

In my experience as a professional photographer, it's actually the graphic designers and printers that who require CMYK support. Whether it's for a magazine, a newspaper or even a billboard ad , I've never had someone request a photo in the CMYK color space. In fact, they always request that the photos are in the RGB color space, then they do the conversion themselves. This seems like an obvious step, but I've met several GIMP users who didn't even know it was an option. Photoshop users will feel much more at home when they have their tools, menus, panels and workspace together in one window.

To free up a lot of space on the left side panel, move the Tool Options dock to the bottom right panel. Then resize your left panel to something much thinner. Personally, I've grown to like my Layers at the top and the Tool Options at the bottom.